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The forum is nolonger functioning due to the vendor failing to update their database system and this resulted in a complete shutdown of the site.

During the fixing process I discovered a number of code problems and these elements really need a complete re-write of the original code, this is not only for the server safety but also the safety of the clients who visit this site.

I wouldn't want the site to be hacked and then find out that it has been used as a platform to attack visitors, so as a precaution I took down the site and I am re-writing the base code in to how I would do it and hopefully I will have the site functioning again sometime in the future.

During the down time I am not recording stats, however I would like to thank the seven and a half million visitors for your support, the ultimate plan is to keep an archive of the TGNC website and I have a new purpose for the website as I am building a project for my own use with a later stable release to the public to assess, what this project is will be revealed when I am ready.

Once again, thank you for your support over the years and hope to see you again with a fixed and secure archive.