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Thoughts About Political Party Funding

Posted at 05/04/12 - 02:23 PM

According to the various other press outlets, there are two options open to UK political parties for funding sources:


1.  Big business and the unions making massive donations in order to influence policymaking;

2.  Funds being allocated from the taxpayers in order to eliminate the influence mentioned in Option 1 above.


Neither is satisfactory, and I am surprised to see the press ignoring the third - so far unmentioned - option, which is to limit party funding to that provided by direct membership fees paid by those who wish to join the party of their choice.


The union system is not fair to its members.  I have never wanted to fund the Labour Party, yet my union dues - when I had to pay them in the printing industry - were automatically allocated to that organisation.


Equally, the big business system is unfair to the staff of those businesses that make massive donations to the Tories.  Many of those staff do not wish to fund the Tories, any more than I did when I worked for a large corporation.  Yet it is the work of the staff that generates the profits that are then used to make those donations.


Still further, the taxpayer base is shrinking in the UK, at the moment thanks to Tory policy causing job losses on an unprecedented scale.  The tax revenues currently available cannot - we are told by the Tories - even afford to keep the pensioners maintained properly, as evidenced by the compulsory removal of £100 from the winter allowance for the elderly.  this being so, how can the taxpayer funds possibly be used to fund political parties, campaigns and so on?


Restricting party funding to that provided by membership fees alone would be a good indicator to those parties of their popularity or lack of it.  It is an option that needs to be brought into the open and discussed fully and publicly.


One can bet though that the Third Option will not be likely to be raised by the political parties themselves!

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