So.  You finally got here then.  What kept you? 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

Boy Scout saves fellow scout from harm

Posted at 03/06/14 - 11:00 PM

Hayden Newbold stepped up to defend a fellow scout and has been awarded the Silver cross, the highest award a scout can recieve.

Hayden was walking home with a new scout when an incident on the way home led to an escallation of threat, the two youths who had left earlier then returned armed with a baseball bat.

Hayden is pictured after receiving his Silver cross from the Lord Mayor whilst on scout camp at walesby.






Photograph by Admin.


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Raging Bull

Posted at 22/01/14 - 01:25 PM


I'm posting my letters to the Evil Ones via the Dorset Eye these days.  they've given myself and Keith Ordinary Guy, plus others who want to contribute articles as citizen journalists, our own page called "Speak Out!"

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Help for disabled people

Posted at 22/01/14 - 01:23 PM


This is a charity that provides financial help to people with disabilities or long-term illnesses, to help with obtaining household items that can make life a bit easier.  Clients have to be referred, as far as I can make out from the website information.


Take a look.

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Here We Go Again...

Posted at 31/12/13 - 08:05 PM

To: DWP Ministers ; ; Cabinet Office
Cc: Ed Miliband
Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 2:02 AM

Subject: Here we go again....


What is it with you and your wilting wallflowers there, that has disabled your "leave well alone" function?

On 27 November this year, the Prime Minister stated, quite clearly in the House, that disabled people are EXEMPT from the bedroom tax. I have a copy of the video if you need to refresh your memory about this. It was on national television, went to Youtube and is now on a memory stick here at my home.

Bedroom tax cases have been dealt with by the courts and found in favour of the plaintiffs (those who have been sent the bills in these cases), so why do you feel the need to waste yet more taxpayers' money challenging decisions that have been, quite rightly, based upon human rights legislation? Is it some kind of OCD that you suffer from, perhaps?

Or are you simply out to embarrass your boss; could that be it? You're certainly managing to do a good job of bringing Parliament into disrepute, that's for sure.

Your Party in government was given ample opportunity by the Opposition to retract the Prime Minister's statement during the recent Opposition Day debate on the bedroom tax, yet none of them chose to do so. Now: Logically, to anyone watching, that indicates that what the Prime Minister said to the House in PMQs is intended to stand, and that means that your disastrous daisies there are working counter to revised government policy, and that is not on. Does the civil service perhaps have its own secret agenda regarding the impoverishment of the British public? Has their Quartermonster, in charge of their slashed peaks and jackboots, been permitted to run amok?

The situation is this: The Prime Minister (he outranks you, by the way) has told the British public, via national television, while standing in the House of Commons Chamber, that disabled people are EXEMPT from (that means not required to pay in this matter) the bedroom tax. Therefore, before the Department of Word-mangling Parrots ("spare room subsidy" "under-occupancy charge" "Polly wanna cracker") goes wasting any more taxpayers' cash, you need to either speak to him and get a fresh copy of the memo showing what he said, or he needs to stand up in the same Chamber, on the same national television, and tell the assembled MP's that he lied to them, and to the British public.


Author: Editor

Notice Of Sanction

Posted at 25/12/13 - 12:44 PM

To: DWP Ministers ; Prime Minister
Cc: Ed Miliband ;
Sent: Wednesday, December 25, 2013 12:21 PM


For Attention of George Iain Duncan Smith

In view of the fact that your Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has breached the benefit claimants contract in 32,000 cases, the public hereby notifies you of a sanction that is being applied to public funds.

Accordingly, the DWP is required to make restitution to those claimants affected by the Department's delinquency.

As this is a first offence, the sanction applied will last for no longer than four weeks, and so this amount - as calculated for each claimant's assigned benefit amount - is to be paid, free of tax and other encumbrances, to each of the claimants, over and above their usual expected benefits issue.

Future breaches of the claimants' contracts by the DWP will result in further sanctions of increasing severity, up to a maximum of three years'worth of benefit issue per claimant, against the Department.

This Notice is issued in accordance with UK contract law. Failure to comply could result in your public spending reductions being affected and may require you to attend a Fitness For Purpose Assessment carried out by entirely unqualified people selected at random from within European countries in exchange for donations to appropriate charities working with the poor and homeless.


Author: Editor

O My Zod

Posted at 24/12/13 - 12:23 PM

To: Prime Minister ; Cabinet Office
Cc: Ed Miliband
Sent: Tuesday, December 24, 2013 11:53 AM

Subject: O My Zod

Prime Minister.

Even Christmas isn't safe from your propagandising, is it?

'...better to give than receive...' explains why you've been giving all your bankster and industrialist chumboys tax breaks, but completely failing to bring them to book for taxes that they've failed to pay. Now I suppose this inclusion of possibly the greatest sentiment expressed in the Christian Bible will herald the imposition of yet more sacrifice on the part of the ordinary public in the 2014, seeing that every word you ever utter is designed to turn to poison in the ears of your audience.

You might like to try applying your sorely abused, mealy-mouthed PR skills to the word 'Respect', Prime Minister. Try sending some the public's way because, until you do, there's going to be precious little of it heading yours.

On a lighter note, I hear that Disney is to make a new film in time for release next Christmas, using Wasteminster as its backdrop. It will be about a group of inept chinless wonders who take over a country uninvited and try to rebuild its economy by taking as much income as they can away from its workers and giving it to their bosses. There will be cameo appearances by several Lords who, rumour has it, could earn up to £300 each for their brief, hidden camera appearances of just a few minutes at a time. There are also plans afoot to have Sesame Street's Big Bird, as the closest match the producers could find for Boris Johnson, cycling through several scenes in an unabashed advertising of at least one major high street bank's name.

The movie will be called 'The Aristotwats' and, is already being billed as 'the most continuously downhill rollercoaster ride your emotions will ever take'.

There were originally plans to team up with the Rupert Bear franchise, until it was revealed that Badger Bill has not been seen for some considerable time and is believed to be in hiding, and that Tiger Lily has become involved in an inscrutable plot to take over the world and is refusing to answer any questions about her heavy investment in international utilities.

In a distinct nod towards earlier, highly political film ventures in which upper class profligacy and greed were central themes, as well as the famous 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' the Child Catcher of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang notoriety will be reprised by a bald man in a dark suit and overcoat, surrounded by armed weasels. The cage on wheels will be gone, though, and instead the character - known as 'Idess' - will spin out his cruel web from an office in a nondescript building, drawing the nation's children into an ever-deepening spiral of poverty and low-level crime as they struggle to find enough food. Taking inspiration from the Dickens novel, but in a much darker twist, this character will highlight the perils of failing to engage with the good spirits whose role it is to try and help him avoid the chains that he is forging for himself in the Afterlife. When asked whether he will meet a sticky end like the scourge of Toon Town who was, of course, only a caricature of a real human being, the producers comment was simply: "No Spoilers."

The Idess role was intended to be counterpointed by one written specially for Cousin It of 'Munsters' fame, but in an early setback his part had to be written out at a cost of millions of pounds when he proved unable to manage what was, the producers admitted, a hugely complex role requiring continuous and simultaneous dialogue with several other cast members. In an interview with Yahoo's OMG, It said he wasn't bothered by the let-down as he'd had the money now and he'd ensured that it could never be traced for tax purposes. The film's producers have confirmed that their view is that as the money came from crowd-funding, not from the management's pockets, why should they worry?

Should be worth watching, but I bet it will go over budget by several million before it's finished.


Author: Editor


Posted at 19/12/13 - 01:37 PM

To: Cabinet Office ; Prime Minister
Cc: Ed Miliband
Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2013 1:36 PM

Subject: Heathrow

Yet another Tory promise broken, I see. Pre-election campaigns were full of your Party's "commitment" to HS2 as the better alternative to a LHR additional runway, and now we see - yet again - exactly what a Tory's promise is worth, which is to say the square root of bugger-all.

The big question in my mind is: Why is the UK taxpayer going to be required to fund the extension of an airport which is owned by a Spanish corporation? As LHR is a public limited company, listed on the international stock exchanges, logic states that - like any other such business - they should fund their own expansion, not dip into public finances for the means to increase their profits.

Osborne has, in four years, already borrowed more than Labour did in thirteen. Where, pray, is the money to come from to plug into this ridiculous idea? More taxes to be levied upon the less well-off, I suppose, so you can fill your super-rich mates' pockets to overflowing. Pah! Your unfettered avarice makes me feel physically sick.

We've just seen a temporary collapse of the air traffic control facility at West Drayton, which caused the biggest backlog of cancelled flights in years, and the skies over London are already choc-a-bloc with aeroplanes. With every increase in load, the chances of a mid-air collision grow stronger and stronger. An air traffic control system that your Party tried to implement under Thatcher and Major failed because, as with UC, the IT couldn't handle what was required of it. Your track record on such IT projects is abysmal, yet once again we see the Tories putting private capitalists' greed for profit ahead of public safety in the wider community and very probably wasting more millions of pounds of public funds in the process. It's not your personal money being wasted, so you don't give a damn, right?


Just like that despicable specimen, Duncan Smith did through the food bank debate, will the Transport Secretary also sit and giggle through any mention of concerns about the welfare of the British public before walking out of the debate? It really would not surprise me, because when it comes to the self-centred little boys and girls who claim to be running this country, nothing surprises me any more.

As a taxpayer, therefore, I say a resounding NO! to spending ANY public money on this project, and I'm sure that very many others will echo my view.


Author: Editor


Posted at 18/12/13 - 01:19 PM

To: Prime Minister ; DWP Ministers
Cc: Ed Miliband
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 1:13 PM

Subject: Figures

Prime Minister.

Yesterday I made a mistake when I said that Lord Hanningfield had served only nine days of a nine week sentence. What I should have said was that he served nine weeks of a nine month jail term and - to give credit where it's due - the creature actually served MORE time, minute for minute, in the corrected version of the sentence than he would have had my stated figures been correct.

So, as you can see, I am not above putting my hand up when I'm wrong and correcting the information. I wish the same could be said for your government. The figures for the jobless rate in the three months to October have just been released and, taking them at page-surface value, they look encouraging. Overall rate down to 7.4%.

I'm not going to congratulate you though, because nowhere in the release do I see any mention of people who have "left the books" because of DWP sanctions; nowhere do I see recorded the number in workfare placements; nowhere in this report do I see THE WHOLE TRUTH. Aside from anything else, as my friend,
Steffi, has said in her own post on Facebook, it has taken some 1,300 days to reduce unemployment by a mere fraction of 1%.

What I do see is the jobless total being very carefully stage managed, through the means of deliberate obfuscation and deceit, so that it appears to fall gently to the Bank of England's target of 7%, in order that interest rates can begin to increase. It appears, therefore, that your bankster buddies must be piling on the pressure to allow them to earn more from their lending of fantasy money to their customers. Coupled with that desire on their part, of course, there is the need to weaken Sterling - which a rise in interest rates will do - so that your phantom recovery can continue apace. ( And it IS a phantom recovery, as the retail figures are proving in the run-up to Christmas. Ordinary people simply do not have money to spend, and the retailers will eventually be forced to cut their own throats and offer goods at near-cost. Besides, the sensible ones among us, who are the majority, are not prepared to go into further personal debt just to satisfy your wish for an improvement in the economic statistics.

I told you some time ago that the public has the power to hurt you where it matters to you the most - in the pocket. We can find our way around high energy and vehicle fuel prices, and now you will see how we can simply boycott the retail industry - many of us because we have no choice, but also others who have had enough of being squeezed and wish to make the point. Short of forcing us to enter our PIN's at gunpoint at the sales registers, there is absolutely nothing you can do about this. Read the Parable Of The Water Tank that I sent to you a few days ago.

Enough, Prime Minister; we are at the end of our patience with you and your corrupt Parliament. From now on, when you attempt to tread on our necks, we WILL bite your heel and you will learn how soft its iron will become when faced with the heat of our (f)ire.

Keep going, Davey-boy, and I reckon you'll be only the second Prime Minister within a century to bring this country to a complete standstill via the first general strike since 1926. What will you do then - emulate Churchill and send your little tanks against us? It would be in line with the rest of your unoriginal thinking. You need to learn from the past. The unions are talking about a general strike, and that means that it has a 90% chance of happening, and just recently members of today's Armed Forces have proved that they aren't interested in following orders given to them by muppets. I think that, this time, in view of the publicity that you and your colleagues' self-serving ways and abysmal treatment of the Armed Forces have received, the turrets might just end up pointing at the source of the trouble and the lackeys in the LMPS who defend it, rather than the strikers.

Presumably you've already planned to send in forced labour from your pool of unemployed people, under threat of sanction, to take over from the strikers. The raw spirit that I am seeing out here in the social media is that you'll very likely find the DWP will be told to sanction and be damned because, far from dividing us, you have caused many workers to fall into the same abyss of poverty as the jobless. You've created a siblinghood where you sought to create enmity, and that's because you and your Ministers are STUPID, Prime Minister. Psychosmiffy's "stock" is about to stampede and you're too blinded by your outdated ideology to see it coming. You deserve every trampling that you are given from now on, and your shield of privilege won't be anywhere near strong enough to stand up to it.

The Armed Forces of today have even less to thank you for than the unemployed and under-waged do, and we have nothing whatsoever on our praise sheets regarding you and yours. Plus, of course, today's Armed Forces are volunteers, rather than conscripts, which will also make a difference to their thinking. It won't be at all difficult to get across to them that, while they stand and threaten a crowd with their weapons, somewhere else in Britain their mates will be doing the same. And that elsewhere will have a crowd in which there might well be their own parents, siblings or close childhood friends. I think you might just find that today's Armed Forces won't be at all enamoured of the idea of roughing up the very people they are sworn to defend, Prime Minister.

Finally, back on the subject of banks, when will George Osborne have his pay docked in order to replace the £230 million that his premature sell-off of the Lloyds-TSB shares has cost us? (


Author: Editor

More graft

Posted at 17/12/13 - 11:26 AM

To: Prime Minister ; LMPS ;
Cc: Ed Miliband ;
Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 11:23 AM

Subject: More graft

Prime Minister.

It seems to me that, in these days when a former banker can be stripped of his knighthood for misconduct, the same punishment should apply to peers of the realm if they also deliberately rip off the system for their own benefit.

The £300 daily allowance is available to peers "who certify that they have carried out appropriate parliamentary work."

Simply turning up, grabbing a coffee and chatting to a couple of mates is not, in anyone's book, even close to this definition, so why has this already-convicted fraudster being permitted to get away with doing this? All in it together, are they? It certainly sounds like it, if at least fifty others are doing exactly the same thing! That means that the taxpayer is losing an additional £15,000 a DAY to this blatant dishonesty and that, Prime Minister, is unacceptable.

Let's see now: He was jailed in 2011. I don't remember it, but let me assume it was in September of that year. He was out within ten days because money talks where the law is concerned, so I'll assume he was back to clocking in, from 1st October. So, 92 days @ £300 in 2011 then.

2012 was a leap year, so 366 days @ £300

There have - so far - been 351 days this year, also at £300.

I've left the weekends in because you expect us to work weekends, so I must assume that those selected to provide a good example to us must do the same.

That means that this already proven fraudster has had the opportunity to rip off the taxpayer for a total of at least 809 days at £300 a day, meaning that he has had the opportunity to take, under false pretences, a total of £242,700 from the public purse. In view of this, I have just added the LMPS to the address list of this email and I ask them, as an injured party in this affair (a taxpayer), to now initiate a formal investigation into the clocking in and out records, and work records, of ALL peers who have attended the House of Lords in the same period. If fifty others - so far un-named - are also pulling this trick, then the taxpayer has also stumped up a further £12,135,000 for no work done in the same period. As your government is insisting that all payment from the public purse must be in exchange for that four-letter word that you are all so obsessed with - WORK - your people should be all over this issue like a rash. It is fraud, pure and simple, and therefore the Proceeds Of Crime Act must be applied to all found guilty. Simply offering to pay back what they've taken and then walk away with the interest still in their bank accounts is insufficient.

We're talking about what is supposed to be the Upper legislative House, not a frickin' BANK! Eighty thousand children will spend this Christmas homeless, and your buddy Zahawi wants to remove child benefit from struggling families, while this grafter is picking up what amounts to free cash that could be better spent in providing at least a Christmas dinner for some of those kids. That is just plain WRONG, and one doesn't have to be a laptivist to realise that. Anyone with a sense of moral responsibility can see that this situation needs to be addressed and corrected - properly under the Law - as soon as is humanly possible.

If this peer and others cannot afford to maintain their image and responsibilities without cheating the system, then it is high time that they ceased being peers of the realm. Otherwise I think it would be fair for all unemployed people who have to attend their Job Centre for forty minutes to receive £300 each for the time they spend as well.

Geese and ganders, Prime Minister.

As to Hanningfield's claimed nervous breakdown: The needle on my Sympathy-ometer is straining mightily to sink below Zero. The old saying applies: If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.


Author: Editor

Dogs In The Manager

Posted at 16/12/13 - 12:03 PM

To: Prime Minister ;
Cc: Ed Miliband ; ; Raquel Rolnik
Sent: Monday, December 16, 2013 11:14 AM

Subject: Dogs in the manger

Prime Minister.

Nadhim Zahawi wants to cut child benefits for the poor, does he? This in spite of the fact that such money is sometimes all that puts food on the table for children in the many impoverished families that your government has so cold-bloodedly created? This after he... ahem!... "mistakenly" claimed thousands of pounds in taxpayers' money to heat his private business's stables? So, in Zahawi's world, it's not only fine for a horse to have warm feet courtesy of the public purse, but perfectly OK for a human child to be starved of the same source of assistance. There's a word to decribe people like him - it's "twat-rag."

The creature is a twat-rag of the first order; a used one. In the wake of this latest revelation he has forfeited any claim to bear the title of human being. Just like you, who claimed Disability Living Allowance for your late son, and who is now doing everything he can to remove it from those who still need to rely upon it, Zahawi has proved that you are both dogs in the manger and that, Prime Monster, is quite simply pathetic. The fact that, being born curs, neither of you can ever aspire to the role of Afghan hound in the public's eyes, and that he looks as if the pug in his ancestry had the dominant set of genes, only makes the description more appropriate.

You both deserve to be stoned to death for advocating child abuse, and it is my fervent wish that that might happen very soon following this latest display of self-centred abuse of the public's trust.

As the song says, Prime Monster: ♫ Nadhim Compares 2 U ♫ Ha! Mutually reinforcing role models of the very worst kind. I pity you for your choice of friends, Davey-boy. Bacteria that infest diarrhoetic dog-crap rate higher on the morality scale than Zahawi can ever hope to.


Author: Editor

Revolution, Everybody!

Posted at 15/12/13 - 04:24 PM

You'll know the tune, I expect... 

Revolution, Everybody!
© DL 131215

Have you nailed your MP up against the wall?
It's the time when every pleb can have a ball.
Does that MP know to fear ya?
Does he know you want to slay?
Does he wish he'd done his job right yesterday?

So here it is – Revolution!
Everybody's made a gun.
Look to the Future now -
it's only just begun!

Are you waiting for the coppers to arrive,
with their tear-gas, the protesters for to drive?
Did your Granny stop to tell ya
that the old folks know the best?
She'll be hoisting up her banner with the rest.

So here it is – Revolution!
Everybody's made a bomb.
Look to the Future now -
it's only just begun!

What will your MP do when
he sees your writing “None Of The Above”?

Have you nailed your MP up against the wall?
Are you hoping that this government will fall?
Will you rush into the Commons
in armour that you've made?
When you break some heads in there
they'll all stay “Slade”!!

So here it is – Revolution!
Everybody's made a bomb.
Look to the Future now -
it's only just begun!

So here it is – Revolution!
Everybody's made a bomb.
Look to the Future now -
it's only just begun!

So here it is – Revolution!
Everybody's made a bomb.
Look to the Future now -
it's only just begun!

So here it is – Revolution!
Everybody's made a bomb.


Look to the Future now -
it's only just begun!

Author: Editor


Posted at 15/12/13 - 02:42 PM

To: Prime Minister ; Cabinet Office ;
Cc: Ed Miliband ;
Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2013 1:31 PM

Subject: Consistency

Prime Minister.

I had cause, once before, to take issue with the actions of David Morris, MP, when he tried to play political football with the matter of a child's death while in NHS care. It seems that, just like you, he thinks that the loss of a child's life is good for nothing more than gaining a few political Smartie points. It shows just how distant your Party's political thinking is from that of the people who elect you. Oddly enough, Mr Morris didn't respond to the rollocking that I gave him; I think the "only deal with Constituents" rule proved convenient as a hiding place.

Now, your Mr Angry of Morecambe and Lunesdale is at it again, and one has to wonder if the "Lune" in his Constituency's name has any bearing on his behaviour. Bothering your bought and paid for chief of the LuMPieS over the use of the word "Pikey," when that word is clearly spelled with an initial capital (that means it's a NAME, Mr Morris), and could have no derogatory meaning when viewed in context with its accompanying photograph, would be classed as wasting police time if any ordinary member of the public had done it. Had he contacted his local police call-centre, he would have doubtless been laughed off the line. However, that would have meant dealing with someone at f*%£king pleb level, wouldn't it, and we all remember what happened to Bikerboi Mitchell when he did that.

It would appear that Mr Morris fulfils, for your Party in government, the role of Mischief Maker, and I now have this mental image of him in a primary school, pulling the pig-tails of the girl sitting in front of him in the classroom, and offering to stop only if she'll give him a kiss. What he's done in stirring up the muck at the bottom of the political pond over this "Pikey" word really is that immature, you see?

I therefore hereby confer upon Mr Morris the title "Loki of Luna's Dell" and shall use this name in reference to him in the future should the need to refer to him again (*shudders*) arise.

Either that or I'll simply call him a tit, which would be more economical in terms of wear and tear on my fingertips. We all have to make cutbacks, after all, right? There are far more important matters for me to be typing about than the pathetic idiocy of someone who apparently never managed to get his mentality past the nursery wallpaper when his body was ejected from that childhood sanctum. It's why more than 90% of your Party's MP's usually remain safe from my vitriol.

I blame the veiled use of bad language on T.I.T.S. by the way. Tory Inspired Tourette's Syndrome. It can be seen, I think, that if Tory MP's didn't act like tits, I wouldn't have T.I.T.S.


Author: Editor

A Message to Pleb Teens and Twenty-Somethings

Posted at 14/12/13 - 06:45 PM


You're probably not interested in politics. It's boring stuff and it's not something you'll ever get involved in, probably, because only people who went to posh schools do and they're not the kind of people you fancy having a drink with at the bar.

But unless you do get involved, just by making a point to them via the high street and online shopping, these people will eventually enslave you completely. This is not overstating the situation. Take a few moments to consider the world that you live in, and then ask your parents to tell you what kind of world they had; and then take a further moment to wonder what this means for the world that your own children – when you have them – will grow up in. It doesn't take much to realise that your kids and their kids will have much, much less than even you do today. There will be fewer job opportunities and less access (if any by then) to welfare support.

Christmas is coming, and that means that there will be hopes and expectations of certain presents matching your wish lists. On average, this year your parents will run up around £2,440 of debt so that they can fulfil those hopes and expectations for you. What's on your wish-list? The latest iPhone? A Kindle? Money to help you save up for uni? Your first car (which will probably cost just a bit less than the insurance you'll need in order to use it legally)?

Do you have a job yourself? If not, who pays for the food you eat and the room that you sleep in at night? A combination of technological advances and outsourcing to low-wage areas of the world mean that NO job is safe any more. Employers, especially the big corporations wherein you are just a number, are seeking ever more ways to cut their operating costs, and the first source of savings they look for are personnel reductions. How will you save the deposit for even a rented place, never mind a mortgage, if your employer can – under the terms of a zero-hours contract – call you up first thing in the morning and say they don't need you that day. And then not pay you because you didn't work? How will you meet your rent payment when there will be no housing benefit for you to fall back on?

Will you qualify for even social security support? The government, with its myriad links to corporations, are slashing great chunks out of the welfare safety net, and young people are being hit hardest of all. Yet yours is the age at which you most need money – to put a decent pad together; to raise a new family; and so on.

Think about where you are in life right now: You want to be moving onwards and out of your family's nest and building your own, but if you're under 25 the chances of you being able to get help with that, if you don't have minimum wage or a positive-hours contract, are pretty much close to zilch. If you lose the job that you chose to do, the chances are that you'll end up being forced into some drudge, make-work job where you are forced to work for the pittance that the State will grudgingly allow you, in spite of the fact that your parents' generation have paid contributions on your behalf for years. That's if the government hasn't done away with JSA, ESA and so on by then.

The raw chance is that you will end up with no money at all, should you slip over the edge of the social abyss that is unemployment today. Older folks will moan that you can't tell youngsters anything because you know it all already, or think you do. We know, because we were exactly the same when we were your age. No kidding. But this message is one that I hope you will read and listen to, because there is now a very real danger that your, and your own children's, futures could be similar to that described in a free Kindle book from Amazon called The People Of The Abyss. It's an old book, written by an American called Jack London, and it describes the appalling poverty that people just like you lived in, in London's East End in 1903. The similarities are already starting to show up: For example, take the queues of men who would hope to be taken on for just one day's work at the docks that were then thriving. Many of them had not eaten the day before, yet they were willing to work for just one day so that they could at least pay for a room in a slum to keep their families out of the weather. Now check out the latest Joseph Rowntree Foundation report into the increase in rough sleeping in the cities of the UK and you'll understand that I'm not over-dramatising what I'm telling you here. All I ask is that you PLEASE think about where you want to be in ten years' time – and then compare it to where you quite possibly might end up under the system that is being created in your country.

And it IS your country. YOU are the ones who are going to have to live with whatever is put in place today, so it is right that you should be informed in order to make a proper decision about what you want to see happening as part of that creation.

What is being done to you now, will – as you can see from news reports about the Chancellor's intention to inflict even more cuts to the welfare system – only become worse as time goes on. The world that your children inherit will, unless YOU act to stop what is happening, not make provision for the poor, the jobless, the homeless, the elderly. YOU will – like it or not – be one of the elderly one day. Even now we have elderly people who cannot afford to both eat and heat their homes. We have more people living rough than in the last three years. We have disabled people starving because they have been stripped of the State support that they relied upon, and mentally ill people reduced to begging for some level of kindness from those who have money but precious little of it.

There is a way to stop this, and it is up to not only you of the teen to twenty-something years to put it in place, but to ALL of us to make a concerted effort to talk to the industrialists, bankers and politicians who are creating this social nightmare in the language that they understand best – the language of profit.

We don't need riots; we don't need demonstrations outside the Houses of Parliament – although both of those actions make a point in their own ways. What we do need is every single person in this country to realise that the power that these creatures rely upon in order to work their destructive and anti-social policies is backed up by MONEY.

That money comes from the sales of things that appear on your wish lists. It comes from the labour that you are probably paid less for today than you would have been seven years ago, in real terms. In short, their wealth comes from YOU, and YOU have the means to deny it to the private capitalists whose sole concern is to make profit for themselves. YOU can change the system without even leaving the comfort of your armchair, if you're lucky enough to have one to sit in. There plenty of people who, for whatever reason, don't these days.

So, just take a moment if you'd be so kind, and consider your wish lists again. Is what is on them what you need, or what you want? Could you get by with last year's phone; a free of charge reading app for your PC or lappie instead of a tablet? Do you really need the car that will cost you over a grand in TPFT insurance, on top of parking charges, fuel, maintenance and repairs; or is the bus/train or even a bicycle a better option? Do you really need that overpriced gym membership when you could, with a group of like-minded mates, achieve exactly the same thing in your back garden or bedroom with home made equipment made from recycled materials? Do you need to be seen shopping at the major supermarkets, or could you hurt them and their fake bargain environments by buying at the cheaper and smaller ones that have come in from Europe? Do you need those overpriced branded trainers, or could you just as easily use a pair where you're not paying a fortune just to advertise the brand?

There is an old saying, which tell us that “money talks.” So does a lack of it, and you can start talking directly to the profit-grabbing, politician-buying industrialists and bankers by denying them the profits that they crave. You don't need to wait and see if your mates will take a stand on this – you can start them off and claim the kudos for being “in B4.”

YOUR money, wherever it comes from, is building the power-base of the plutocrats ever stronger, and they are not building that base for your benefit but for their own. They are hoarding the money that you give them – not releasing it back into the convection system that the economy needs. I'm sure you've seen the reports about corporate tax avoidance and you might even know that nothing is being done to collect those taxes. Why? Because the politicians who should be acting to enforce the taxation laws upon corporations are either shareholders or non-executive directors within those companies. They've been bribed with those directorships to leave those companies alone. When your children and grandchildren are struggling, in years to come, to find even a basic amount of food to eat, those plutocrats will be living it up on roast duck, Beef Wellington, lobster and other expensive luxury foods that your descendants will be able to only dream of.

You're geared up for Christmas this year, and your plans are probably all made and paid for. So get Christmas out of the way. Then start really thinking, and discussing among yourselves, about how you can begin to peacefully tear down a system that is being built to exclude you and yours from its rewards by those relatively few industrialists, bankers and politicians who – almost every day now – you can read about in the news as awarding themselves yet more of the money that YOU currently plug into it. Like I said, you don't even need to leave your armchair in order to start making them listen, but it will take a huge number of us to make the virtual shout loud enough for them to notice.

Cheers, and have a happy Christmas and a peaceful and – I hope - prosperous new year.

Author: Editor

Pay Rise

Posted at 12/12/13 - 12:36 PM

To: Prime Minister ; Curtis Moise ; Cabinet Office
Cc: Ed Miliband ; ; Daily Mirror ; Guardian Newspaper ; Independent Newspaper
Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2013 12:33 PM
Subject: Pay rise

Prime Minister.

As one who has become used to watching your misdirection tactics closely, I have to enquire about the ongoing pay rise row.

You say that you "rule nothing out" if the pay rise is implemented, leading the press to speculate that you might abolish the IPSA for flying in the face of massive public opposition to the measure. From MPs' point of view this would, of course, be no bad thing, would it, because it would mean that you would return to the bad old practice of voting on your own pay rises in the future?

That being so, I cannot see any substance whatsoever in Sir Ian Kennedy's claim that this obscene increase would, in any way, be guaranteed as a one-off hike in MPs' salaries, or that abuses of the expenses system that we have seen in the past would be avoidable in the future.

In view of your government's own flights in the face of public opinion and will (see below), from which numerous MP's and their relatives have made substantial personal profits, there is absolutely no reason for any of the wage-restricted general public to trust any MP further than we could spit into a hurricane, is there?

For this reason, I have to say that it appears that there is a plot afoot within Wasteminster in which the beneficiaries of this pay rise must be in cahoots with the leadership of the IPSA itself, with a view to actively facilitating a return to the aforesaid bad old practice. The likes of poor old Curtis, above, would be out on their ears and left to to deal with Psychosmiffy's goons, and MP's would, once again be at liberty to play fast and loose with the public purse while the majority of the nation struggles to pay the bills for which we can't put in "mistaken" claims.

Clever, Dave, but not clever enough to get past me. Now put a stop to it, like Miliband and Clegg have asked you to. They've asked; I'm nowhere near as polite, but that's because I'm of the Pleb class and we don't eat our cake with a fork. The only use we have for a fork is for stringing up deceitful MP's from a branch leading from one when you finally piss us off beyond all reasonable endurance.

For the record, as I mentioned your government's actions in opposition to the public's will, I should list the ones that the excellent Mr Tom Pride has highlighted:

62% of British people say the government's austerity measures are harming the economy but the government continues with yet more of them;

The public believe in public ownership by a margin of 4:1 yet the government has announced yet more privatisations.

Most voters didn't want reform privatisation of the NHS - but the government went ahead with it anyway.

58% of the electorate think firms like G4S and Serco should be banned from any more public service contracts - but the government continues to pay them massive amounts of taxpayers money for new contracts.

75% of the public are in favour of rail renationalisation - yet the coalition are putting even more railways in the hands of private companies.

And Royal Mail was privatised despite 67% of the public wanting it to remain public-owned.

Author: Editor

Do As We Say, Don't Do As We Do?

Posted at 11/12/13 - 02:52 PM

To: Foreign Office ; Prime Minister ; Cabinet Office ; Public Accounts Committee ; LMPS
Cc: Ed Miliband ; Maria Miller ;
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 2:31 PM

Subject: Do as we say, don't do as we do?

Mr Hague.

Your hypocrisy is, apart from being deeply embarrassing to the people of this nation, also utterly sickening. You slate the Unkrainian authorities for coming down in an unreasonably hard manner upon protesters in Kiev, while the police in our own national capital do exactly the same thing to protesting students here, even to the point of hustling away a legitimate and fully accredited member of the national press.  You seem to have conveniently forgotten, also, the baton-swinging, out-of-control State sponsored thugs who battered striking miners senseless during the reign of the Late Hag, as well as the tanks that were sent against strikers in 1926 by the despot, Churchill. Your Party in government's coercion of the disabled into justifying our very existence is a crime against humanity that defies any description that does not descend into outright profanity.

Your government seems to believe it acceptable for armed police to escort the Work and Pensions Secretary, like some glowering mafioso, into a closed meeting with a selected and physically searched audience, and for them to menace that audience with their semi-automatic weapons, when even in Northern Ireland during its troubled period the Army went to great pains to carry their arms in as non-threatening a manner as possible without compromising their ability to use them should the need arise. The fact that that enquiry turned into a complete whitewash, studded with more outright lies from the W&PS's mouth than could be counted, ony adds insult to the injury done to the audience's personal dignity and decency. This country is beginning to resemble the kind of totalitarian dystopia that was once confined to the imaginations of the likes of Asimov, Farmer, Wilson, Anderson and other science fiction authors.

In doing all this, your government is openly demonstrating its intractable opposition to freedom of speech and basic democracy, and in your own case this is most publicly noticeable by your continued false imprisonment of the truth campaigner, Julian Assange, whom you are compelling to remain in refuge within the confines of the Ecuadorian Embassy.

I suppose that this level of idiotic overbearance is the very best we can expect from a government whose supposed leader considers it acceptable to pose for lark-about selfies at a memorial service for one of the world's greatest modern-day statesmen WHILE OTHER WORLD LEADERS WERE STILL DELIVERING THEIR TRIBUTES AT THE PODIUM. I doubt that even the North Korean leader would stoop to such a low level of disrespect, so it is no wonder that the Chinese - very justifiably - refer to Britain as a political has-been on the world's stage, is it? The art of statesmanship has been well and truly set aside by this government and its absence is crystal clear for the whole world to notice.

What the f*ck is the matter with you creatures? Yours is supposed to be the class that enshrines good breeding and unimpeachable good manners, yet you act in a way that rivals the worst days of football hooliganism!  You disgust me beyond words, and the likes of Eden and Salisbury must be spinning in their graves!  Cameron says we should be an aspiration nation; well I'm here to tell you that if becoming like you and your colleagues in government is what aspiration would lead me to, I would rather remain firmly rooted in my present level of society and, with every weapon at my disposal, fight for its blessed deliverance from your abysmal government's rule.

You, Cameron, Osborne and Duncan Smith are a total disgrace to the offices you hold and I, along with very, very many others, cannot wait to see the back of you once and for all. The only reasonable service you can do for this country now is to resign before your time is officially up, and take your paid lackeys of the London Metropolitan Police Service with you.

Author: Editor

Stock Answers

Posted at 10/12/13 - 07:23 PM

Sent to:  DWP Ministers, Prime Minister

cc'd to:  Ed Miliband

Sent: 10 December 2013, 19:24h

Good morning.
I fiugured that, in the wake of your now infamous "stock" remark, that you might benefit from a few definitions.  I've included pictures so you don't get caught sticking your tongue out as you trace each letter with your finger.  here goes:
This is beef stock, which represents the cash cows that you see ordinary people as being.
This is chicken stock, which represents the collected Ministers of the DWP.  Note particularly the predominance of yellow.
This, as you can see, is not approved stock.  It is therefore fraudulent, and this can be verified by the fact that it is a mere fraction of the proper cash cow stock pictured above.
This is what you would doubtless refer to as the vegetable contingent, but which we would prefer to refer to far more politely as mentally disadvantaged people.  I figure that if you can refer to human beings as "stock" then vegetables is probably about as close to politeness that the mentally disadvantaged can hope for from you.
This is migrant stock from the European Union and has every right to be in the United Kingdom.
This is squeezy stock.  What you and other Tories would refer to as hard-working taxpayers.

These are fresh, vitamin-ripe vegetables, which form the basis of good, healthy stock.  Sadly, not many stock get to absorb these essential nutrients, which leads them to become
weaker stock, not containing the nourishment that it should.  This stock tends to turn up in hospitals in increasing amounts.
I hope you have found this lesson on the various natures of stocks useful, and can now tell the difference between it and human beings, which have not been pictured anywhere in the lesson.
Author: Editor


Posted at 10/12/13 - 10:22 AM

To: Prime Minister ; DWP Ministers
Cc: Ed Miliband
Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 10:03 AM

Subject: Protectionism

Prime Minister.

Not for the first time I find that my letter to you dovetails rather well with what is more than likely to end up as yet another unacknowledged missive from my good friend, Keith Ordinary-Guy. My message today has been inspired by another friend, Ms Paula Peters, who kindly described the scene at the Wilson Room yesterday when the elusive and deliberately obtuse Work and Pensions Secretary was finally brought to bay by the Public Accounts Committee. Having to answer questions from such lesser mortals, and have those answers witnessed by mere plebs in the public gallery, must have been a decidedly trying experience for him. So much so that he found it necessary to bolster his confidence by having with him Lying Lord Fraud and two lesser demons whose names were not worthy of remembrance. One of them might have been - bearing in mind that I'm not good at remembering insignificant people - that doctor who was sent down for killing old people in order to grab their loot.

Oh... hang on... no. That's the W&P Secretary, isn't it? I didn't know he ws a doctor though. So who the bloke on his right was, I have no idea. Just an insignificant sycophant of some kind, I guess. The fellow on Smith's left, I suppose, was a tourist who wandered in thinking it was the subsidised cafeteria.

Interestingly, Paula mentions in her post on Facebook yesterday that the W&PS found it necessary (or maybe simply ego-boosting) to have armed members of the Lackey Metropolitan Police Service surrounding him. I forget now who first said it, but if a government representative feels the need to be protected from the people s/he serves, then that government representative has FAILED. Popular representatives who clearly demonstrate that they have the interests of the people as their main motivation don't need armed State-sponsored thugs as protection, you see.

It gives rise to the question of what the W&PS plans to do once he's no longer entitled to the protection that his continued ability to breathe seems to require. Another saying, whose originator I can't remember either (told you I'm bad with names) tells us that revenge is a dish best served cold, so that which will be served up by all the people who have had relatives stolen from them by this creature will quite probably involve ice in some way. Or maybe the idea will simply be to put him on ice. Whatever. He can expect to be properly chilled and axed, both, when the proper time arrives, I'm sure.

I had to switch off the broadcast on Parliament TV, as I simply wasn't in the right mood to weather the storm of lies that began to blow from the W&Ps's mouth almost as soon as the questioning began. Full of painkillers, I chose, instead, to go and sleep away yet more of my life on benefits. I'll pick it up from Youtube at some point, when I'm sure I can watch it without being driven to do some terminal injury to my PC's monitor.

I find I have the same problem with PMQ's, you know (I told you this dovetailed with Keith's letter) when all the nation is treated to, from your side of the Woolsack, is drivel, lies and pig-ignorance. Flows of words which, nine times out of ten, have absolutely no relevance to the question that you have been asked. Increasingly, I notice, you are not pulled up by the Speaker - one of your own Party - over this blatant abuse of Parliamentary etiquette. More protectionism from a Party that is, quite clearly, far from interested in maintaining any democratic standards whatsoever.

Under your government, Prime Minister, this country is coming more and more to resemble a South American banana republic such as existed in the 1950s and '60s, wherein the people are deemed unworthy of being told the truth, while the leaders grab and grasp whatever they can for themselves and their hangers-on. Perhaps this is a desperate attempt on your parts to try and match the personal fortunes of the private capitalists to whom you really answer, and to whom you are, more and more quickly, handing over the right to rule this nation.

We've figured you out, you see? What you've been working towards for so many years is now at the point where you can no longer conceal your duplicity. The only way to conceal the truth now will be, as Keith mentioned, to round up those of us who are sounding the warning alarms, but that will involve you in international recriminations, which will expose you for the traitors that you are, because our disappearance will be noticed by others, who will take up the cudgels that we leave scattered about for them.

As with any freedom-fighting movement, for every one of us that falls, two more will rise to take our places. Two will become four, four will generate eight, and so on, until the resistance to your treason becomes more than you can subdue.

And then will come the frozen, just dessert that will close your banquet of deceit.


Author: Editor


Posted at 09/12/13 - 12:48 PM

To: DWP Ministers ; Prime Minister ; Public Accounts Committee
Cc: Ed Miliband ;
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2013 12:42 PM

Subject: Unicrud

Good morning.

I have a question. If, as the W&P Secretary pointed out under cover of the Autumn Statement, UC is not going to meet its 2017 target, how can he still be committing, in a BBC R4 interview, to deliver it "on time and on budget"? Surely the two statements are mutually exclusive.

"...of course this plan is different from the original plan"

I believe it is fair to say that, with the demise of the original plan, a current one has not taken its place and what we have with the resulting administrative void is nothing other than a panicked scramble to see if any phoenixes are roosting in the ashes of the original timetable.

Duncan Smith is on record as saying that he would not accept help from Labour in getting the Universal Train Crash back onto its track. It must now have reached a point where full cross-party involvement must now become mandatory in order to minimise - as far as is possible - any further waste of public money on this project that has patently outstripped its originator's directorial abilities. It is obvious that some funds will still have to be written off, but it would be a positive step if that figure could be kept as low as possible. There is way too much financial waste in Parliament. It sometimes seems that the attitude is that it is not Ministers' own money, so why should they give a hoot about waste. That, in today's financially hog-tied world, is simply not acceptable.

Right at the outset of this fiasco, critics were warning that it could not possibly be squeezed into a five-year Parliamentary term, and they have now been proven correct in what was then seen as their doomsaying. Something like this requires a minimum of fifteen years for testing, re-testing and implementation on an incremental basis. Rushing it through, as Duncan Smith has tried to do, for no other apparent reason than to claim the kudos for himself and his Party, has served only to make him fall flat on his face.

One aspect of the entire welfare reform programme that needs to be addressed as a matter of priority is that of housing allocation. There were already highly disturbing reports of landlords refusing to accept benefit dependents as tenants because such additional demands on claimants' incomes as the Bedroom Tax have already caused quite staggering arrears figures. Now the mainstream media, which seems to have turned against the government, is slating the project's human cost openly in this regard. Understandably, banks are now imposing "No Claimants" restrictions on buy-to-let mortgages in order to ensure that repayments are not adversely affected by arrears. This situation must be addressed quickly in order to avoid placing unnecessary strain on local authorities' resources or, in the worst-case scenario, sending homelessness statistics through the roof. Those stats have increased more than enough already.

It is my firm conviction that only a cross-party steering group can now serve to ensure that what is, essentially, a good idea is progressed in a manner from which all parties could both take some credit and ensure the proper delivery of this teetering project within a realistic timescale and with adequate social safeguards built in.


Author: Editor

The road to corporate domination is paved with opaque intentions

Posted at 08/12/13 - 04:05 PM

L-o-o-o-o-o-n-g email today. Grab a cuppa first!   Interestingly, the absolutely uncontrolled and not-interfered-with-by-the-government Farceberk has decided that the link provided is "spammy." Someone at Sky News won't be happy about that particular piece of censorship, methinks.

To: Prime Minister ; George Osborne ; Curtis Moise
Cc: Ed Miliband ; Ed Balls
Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2013 3:26 PM

Subject: The road to corporate domination is paved with opaque intentions

Prime Minister.

Transparency is a word which, in your mouth and those of your Monsters, is merely that - a word. It has no meaning when spoken by you. Take the upcoming PAC examination of Iain Duncan Smith, for example. The BBC has screened many of these examinations and interviews, yet now that your W&P Secretary is due to take the stand, suddenly the right-wing BBC "discovers" that it is more appropriate to cover an entirely different subject. The nature of that subject is so trivial that its title currently escapes me. When a fool is protected, the protector must then become the butt of the masses' hilarity.

So, Psychosmiffy, whose policies have had some of the most damaging effects upon the economy in over 100 years, is to have his examination conducted in camera, when it would be in the public's best interest to be able to hear, in his own words, how he justifies the measures that he has authored and caused to be implemented. Sanctions, for example: Your dead goddess deplored the very idea of sanctions, yet Smith has used them with the same indiscriminate blanket-bombing approach as the RAF and USAF did with regard to Dresden in the 1940s. The public - particularly those who have suffered the effects of these punitive measures, deserves to know what the aim of them actually is, and why they have been made victims. Is whoever is prepared to protect the Fool of the DWP also prepared to handle the political fall-out on his behalf?

In the matter of workfare: Many people, even those subject to the placements, would have found the idea entirely fair if those placements had been to projects that benefited the entire community (the nation.) Instead, we have seen that they have been used (with the exception of charities) to entirely benefit the bank balances of participants within the private sector. If there is one example that shows how completely our Parliamentary democracy has been usurped for the sole benefit of private capital, this is it.

It is, like it or not, the truth that private capital is the root of the social and economic problems that we face today. Not over-population, from which all of those private capitalists have benefited in terms of profits; not so-called "feckless scroungers," whose meagre allowances are re-circulated into the economy and even contribute to the profits of those capitalists, of whom a fair percentage are also Parliamentary representatives, incidentally; not even the elderly, whose pensions also are re-absorbed into the money-convection process.

No. the problem lies with the private capitalists themselves in their constant search for maximised profit at minimalised cost. Your so-called "free market economy" means nothing more than the de-regulation of private capitalist avarice, and it is this which is squeezing the economy to crushing point. I am attaching an excerpt of a book that I'm reading at the moment, called "Equality" by Edward Bellamy, which I posted on my Facebook page a couple of days ago. It is called The Parable Of The Water Tank, and it shows how the imposition of private capitalism, followed by austerity, actually strangles an economy and causes the starvation of the very people who seek to profit from it, eventually returning them less - or even zero - profit from a situation of potential plenty. While the parable is, of necessity for understanding by all, a simplistic description, it does constitute basic economics and is therefore well worth reading.

Austerity is damaging the ability of this nation to both produce high quality goods and to purchase them. It is forcing smaller businesses to close, thereby causing wealth to become concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. Those hands will not, as you will see below, be yours in the longer term. A diminishing number of corporations are fighting tooth and nail for a share of a market that is being shrunk artificially, wasting wealth in that process and - significantly - doing so without ever encroaching on the profit margins of those involved. Private capitalism is therefore, though its innate greed, committing slow but inevitable suicide. The energy market is a good example of what is happening with regard to this "profit at all costs" ethic. There is plenty of information available, showing that the core price of energy has not risen on average, yet the profit margin of the shareholders has increased dramatically. This kind of greed is simply not sustainable, and people are already turning to alternative methods of heating their homes, as has been seen recently with the flowerpot and tealight room heater, which does actually work.

People are resourceful. Our race has survived by not becoming specialists in the matter of finding food and required resources. When prices push us out of the common markets, we will find other ways to provide for ourselves - ways which will yield nothing to those who force us out. In time, as skip-surfing and other inner city ways of survival are superceded by more nature-based methods of survival, people will discover that we actually do not need those who have hoarded the monetary wealth to themselves. It is just a matter of time.

Consider please, why people flocked to the cities in the first place, back in the late 1800s. It was because that was where work - and therefore survival was to be found in its most convenient, if not its most generous, form. People are naturally lazy, until or unless circumstances compel us to find alternative ways to live. We long ago discovered that it's easier to bait a trap ant let the prey come to us, than it is to go chasing it down its burrow. This is proven by the rise in acquisitive crime levels since austerity was imposed. When no-one has anything, they cannot be stolen from. That's logical. Far from see a "might-is-right" culture developing among the poor, however, I foresee a spirit of mutual co-operation flourishing as time goes along, because people have seen that co-operation means the survival of all, not just the few. In this manner, it is very likely that the bulk of the remaining United Kingdom's people will drift away from the present Establishment, leaving an isolated Principality in the form of the nation's Capital for which we will have no use, and to which we will owe no allegiance, whatsoever.

You and those who serve the same masters as you, will have no hope of stopping this happening, because you cannot force people to pay money that they do not have to private sector enterprises for goods and services of which we will have absolutely no need. Thus, private capitalism will die, steeped in its own poisons. Its murderers will have been YOU, who failed to prevent it happening by means of legislation and regulation. In time, the appropriate Rothschild heir will become the Emperor of only himself instead of having that family's desired dominion over the entire race. In our view, and that of our descendants, that Rothschild will simply not be worth noticing because our lives will have been geared by then to run without any tribute being available to give. The Rothschild power game is over; someone might as well tell them.

http://uk. finance. yahoo. com/news/poverty-report-hard-not-paying-off-043946453.html

The pro-austerity propaganda is failing as well, as we knew it would eventually have to. It would appear that your economic measures have fallen out of favour in the view of your closest media ally, as Sky News is now refuting your claims that hard work pays off. They have given a very public and widespread voice to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's report that: "For the first time, there are more people in working families living below the poverty line (6.7 million) than in workless and retired families combined (6.3 million)..." No amount of "spin" can show such harsh truth in a favourable light, and if there was ever a good reason for your government to put its hand up and admit it has been backing the wrong horse, this is it.

Housing benefit, working tax credits; these are not - and never were - subsidies for the working individual or family. They are, and always have been, a subsidy for industry in order to maximise the profit of the private capitalist backers without increasing the unemployment rate, about which all governments are so sensitive. If erroneous "solutions" like these in-work benefits had never been brought into existence, it is very likely that UK governments would have sought - and discovered - the real solution to the repetitive economic malaise of the boom and bust cycle. The reason the benefits were implemented is simple - because politicians were TOLD to implement them by the private sector capitalists whose investment in UK industry has been so much in demand since the late 1970s. They were bribes to foreign investors, nothing more or less.

There will be a revolution among those who are being dispossessed and who will probably see ourselves disenfranchised as well before long. More and more working people are finally coming to realise that the profit imperative can only, in the longer term, completely destroy its own progenitor - private capitalism. The revolution might involve the occasional riot; it might involve the odd assassination of the most visible targets in relation to the misery that is being caused - the government minister seen to be selling society into that misery; but mostly the revolution will occur in the form of a simple refusal to purchase goods and services to which such obscene margins have been added that they have become simply unaffordable by the majority of former purchasers. It has already been seen in the form of refusal to pay petrol prices on forecourts. And, thusly, will the private capitalists be starved out of existence and pave the way for a better and fairer system. It might happen overnight, or it might take fifty to a hundred years, but it WILL happen. Read the parable, attached, to see exactly how inevitable it is.

This refusal to buy will not only affect the private capitalists; it will also affect the PCs' puppet administrators within our Parliament. Unless the PC's are prepared to continue funding MPs' salaries and expenses, the increase to the former of which the IPSA has obviously been instructed to force through despite half-hearted, mumbled opposition from senior government personnel, then those costs to the nation will also become unsustainable. But why should the PC's continue to fund those costs? You and those of your ilk will have served your purpose by delivering the UK into their administrative hands and, as the old saying has it: Why should the PC's buy a dog and then bark for themselves? You will, at that point, have become completely surplus to the PCs' requirements and - trust me on this because there are NO friends in business - you will all be cast aside like an empty whitewash can. At that point, Britain's transformation from democracy to open plutocracy will be entirely complete. In the same way as savers have been forced to remove some £23 billion of stored money in order to survive your austerity programme, so will you be compelled to start moving your own hoards back from their offshore deposits in order to maintain your own lavish lifestyles and maintain appearances in front of your peers.

There will be no customers among the 98% for the goods and services provided by those companies in which you hold shares, so don't for one moment believe you will be seeing ongoing fat dividends from those. The money that you, Osborne, Duncan Smith and others are causing to be withdrawn from the masses will - by then - no longer exist and it will not be possible to re-introduce it to circulation because the backing for it will have long since become tied up in the hoards of the PC's.

In the books from which I lifted the attached parable lies the blueprint for the long-term safe and comfortable development of all humankind. It describes a transition in which no-one at all has to be harmed with regard to their accustomed standard of living, and it would lift an enormous number of willing workers from the abyss of poverty into positions of productivity and national pride. Crime - particularly acquisitive and emotion-generated crime - would fall dramatically, being robbed of their causes, and technological progress would - literally - send our race's potential future into orbit. I therefore strongly urge you, once you have read the attached parable and noted its remarkable comparisons to today's society and economy, write back and ask me to send you the two copyright-free books that were written so long ago, yet which still describe the ills of society today. I will be more than happy to provide them via email.


Author: Editor


Posted at 07/12/13 - 12:13 PM

To: Prime Minister ;
Cc: Ed Miliband ;
Sent: Saturday, December 07, 2013 12:04 PM

Subject: 20/20

Prime Minister,

If proof were ever needed of the Tory view of the private individual, Dame Angela has provided it in spades, via her comment as quoted in the above article.

"Some people do not work so it doesn't matter where they live if they are taxpayer dependent." The London MP said she was not talking about disabled people but: "people who are fit for work but chose not to."

So, it doesn't matter if the taxpayer-dependent working class person is left to occupy a tent in a field outside Dover, for example, or to sleep under a motorway bridge in sub-zero temperatures, or in a wheelie skip full of waste paper and thereby running the risk of being crushed to death?

I think it woud be rather fitting if all of you taxpayer-dependent MP's were to suddenly find yourselves in any one of these situations, should my fellow taxpayers finally see sense and strip you of your publicly-funded second homes, your publicly subsidised restaurants and - of course - your publicly funded non-jobs at which you choose not to work. If you had chosen to work at them, by researching properly the effects of an industrial slump rather than taking the word of so-called economists whom you pay to tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to know, the situation of the jobless would be far better than it is today.

Message to Dame Angela: Think twice, woman, and do some proper research among the social class that you want to speak about before you inflict your mealy-mouthed comments on the respectable newspaper-reading taxpayers who pay your wages. Last time a Liberal-Conservative alliance was taken properly to task for attitudes like yours, it took an American author - Jack London - to do it and he shamed Imperial Britain before the entire world with his account. This time, if you have any sense of humility and basic humanity at all, you will start to listen to those experiencing the return to 1903's living standards that your government is seemingly intent upon imposing, and you will reverse that process.

I will leave you with a passage from a book that I am reading at the moment. It was written in the late 19th century but, as long as this nation has people like you in it, the subject will perennially be refreshed because nothing has changed since then except that the industrialists and bankers who pull your strings are closer than ever to overtly taking over the government of this country.


Nothing is much more astonishing about the mental operations of your contemporaries than the fuss they made about the cruelty of your occasional international wars while seemingly oblivious to the horrors of the battle for existence in which you all were perpetually involved. From our point of view, your wars, while of course very foolish, were comparatively humane and altogether petty exhibitions as contrasted with the fratricidal economic struggle. In the wars only men took part--strong, selected men, comprising but a very small part of the total population. There were no women, no children, no old people, no cripples allowed to go to war. The wounded were carefully looked after, whether by friends or foes, and nursed back to health. The rules of war forbade unnecessary cruelty, and at any time an honorable surrender, with good treatment, was open to the beaten. The battles generally took place on the frontiers, out of sight and sound of the masses. Wars were also very rare, often not one in a generation. Finally, the sentiments appealed to in international conflicts were, as a rule, those of courage and self-devotion. Often, indeed generally, the causes of the wars were unworthy of the sentiments of self-devotion which the fighting called out, but the sentiments themselves belonged to the noblest order.

Compare with warfare of this character the conditions of the economic struggle for existence. That was a war in which not merely small selected bodies of combatants took part, but one in which the entire population of every country, excepting the inconsiderable groups of the rich, were forcibly enlisted and compelled to serve. Not only did women, children, the aged and crippled have to participate in it, but the weaker the combatants the harder the conditions under which they must contend. It was a war in which there was no help for the wounded, no quarter for the vanquished. It was a war not on far frontiers, but in every city, every street, and every house, and its wounded, broken, and dying victims lay underfoot everywhere and shocked the eye in every direction that it might glance with some new form of misery. The ear could not escape the lamentations of the stricken and their vain cries for pity. And this war came not once or twice in a century, lasting for a few red weeks or months or years, and giving way again to peace, as did the battles of the soldiers, but was perennial and perpetual, truceless, lifelong. Finally, it was a war which neither appealed to nor developed any noble, any generous, any honorable sentiment, but, on the contrary, set a constant premium on the meanest, falsest, and most cruel propensities of human nature.

Edward Bellamy - "Equality"

Author: Editor

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